Build Wars


After trialling it out with some of our beta testers, we're happy to announce that Sky Wars is now live on InPvP. This new game is awesome to play with a few friends, so get a group together and see who will last the longest. We've already seen some great gameplay come out of it, and will be updating it in the upcoming weeks! Tweet us you screenshots of you playing it to @InPvPNetwork!

Get on at and try it out!

InPvP Invitational

InPvP Invitational - 9th July

Saturday was the first ever InPvP Invitational, powered by Mobcrush. Peaking at 3.5k views, we had a great time showing off some of the features and game modes in development at the moment.

After a few issues getting everyone ready (#BlameDan), we warmed up with a round of TNTRun which after a tense start, was won by the one and only RealNanners. Launching into Build Battles, we saw some mad creations come out of every team, with themes including 'Pigs', 'Spaceships', and 'Stores', but in the final vote Dani0215XP and LuckyLukester22 took the win. We loved seeing the use of particles to create the sizzling bacon strips in the Pig round!

If you missed it, you can watch the stream over on our channel at mobcrush

0.14.3 Compatible Update


InPvP Nova is now fully compatible with 0.14.4! Over the last two weeks we’ve been working on many improvements behind the scenes to make sure that InPvP consistently delivers the great gameplay you expect. We’ve also updated our maps with optimizations to improve load speed and reliability. You can find new game join signs in the hub that give you more info about the game you’re about to join and we’ve added taunts to Block Hunt so Blocks can terrorize Hunters throughout the match.

On top of all that, we’ve heard your feedback and we know you’re ready for a new game mode. We’re currently working on the return of Build Battle! Expect to hear more about that soon as we tweet and stream information directly from our development team.